About City Tao & Me

City Tao is a hub for everything Tao, energy and wellness.

About us

Do you want to feel better, stronger, healthier, minimize aging and optimize your athletic or professional performance?

I invite you on an adventure to discover Qigong, Taoist and Yogic wellness techniques, meditation, mindfulness and modern health hacks. As a health coach, Qigong teacher, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Teacher and wellness crusader myself, I will guide you to find the optimal solutions for you.

I know how challenging it is to be at your best when you are busy, stressed and with a lack of time. I have a demanding full time job in New York myself while I also study, teach and coach. I am able to do it all thanks to an optimal lifestyle which includes energy practices, mindfulness, healthy nutrition, fitness and health hacks based on modern research. I see many of us struggling to thrive in this busy modern world and I want to share my knowledge and experience.

There is a way- we just need to discover it.

City Tao offers: Qigong classes, meditation classes, individual coaching programs and workshops.

We will explore ways to harmonize your energy and support your body to operate at its peak performance.

Qigong and energy practices will allow you to improve your health, enhance your focus and concentration, make smarter choices, reach better athletic performance, be more effective, utilize your full potential and reach your life goals.

Wellness is a journey and you are invited to find your own Qi- Tao- Way now!

About Margo

Margo Gladys is a wellness junkie. She is a certified medical qigong practitioner, a certified qigong teacher, a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, a certified yoga teacher, a certified ho’oponopono practitioner and a certified health coach.

She has studied and experimented with a wide range of healing modalities during her own wellness journey. Her successful transformation from weak, ill, low-spirited individual into healthy and balanced one started with initially covering the basics such as healthy eating and exercise followed by work on her belief system and mindset after discovering teachings of Louise Hay and Wayne Dwyer. Her real breakthrough came when Margo discovered Qigong and the wisdom of Taoism.

It not only completed her own cycle of healing and improved her whole life, it became her passion and calling.

She is a professional member of National Qigong Association. While her Qi journey and education continues, Margo has studied with highly regarded teachers, including Lisa Van Ostrand, Tina Zhang, Henry Moyee, Tevia Feng and Michael Rinaldini. She immerses herself in studying Taoism and mindfulness and deepening her knowledge of Qigong to better serve others.

This wisdom allows Margo to combine a challenging professional career with her predominant desire to find balance and her way to thrive.

She is passionate about sharing her easy yet effective health practices with others.


  • Certified Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2013

  • Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner, 200-hour study of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Three Treasures Healing, 2018

  • Certified Qigong Instructor “Three Treasures Qigong”, Wu Tang PCA, 2019

  • Certified Qigong Instructor “Eight Pieces of Brocade”, Wu Tang PCA, 2019

  • Certified Teacher of Qigong, 300 hours study of Qigong, Chinese Medicine Basics and Daoist Meditation, Qigong and Daoist Training Center, 2020

  • The Science of Wellbeing Course, Yale University, 2020

  • Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Global Sciences Foundation, 2020

  • Certified Yoga Instructor (RYTT 200), My Vinyasa Practice, 2021

  • Certified Meditation Teacher Level 1, My Vinyasa Practice, 2021

  • Certified Five Elements Qigong Teacher, White Tiger Qigong, 2021

  • Meridian Qigong, White Tiger Qigong, 2021

  • Certified Advanced Meditation Teacher, My Vinyasa Practice, 2021

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Leader 2022
  • Meditation Teacher Training, Loka Yoga, 2022
  • Breathwork Teacher Training, Loka Yoga, 2022