Some Kind Words From Our Customers


Margo Gladys’ classes offer a good grounding for those new to Qigong, as well as a refresher to those seeking to reintroduce themselves to the discipline. The low-impact nature of her activities is simultaneously gentle for students with joint pain while being stimulating enough for those seeking to activate their internal energy. Margo’s Qigong holistic approach allows her to adjust classes to reflect changes in environment as well as individual concerns in each session. Margo explains just enough of the theory behind the actions to give her classes a sense of purpose, but her primary focus is on her students’ health. Students leave her classes wiser – and rejuvenated!

Richard H. Levey, New York City, NY

“I can feel the difference”

Qigong with Margo helps me refresh and re-energize after a long day of work. It has been particularly helpful during the pandemic. These simple movements are more powerful than one would think. I can feel the difference – both physically and mentally – after each class. Everyone should try and make Qigong a part of their daily routine!

Ivan Z., Brooklyn, NY

” I recommend that everyone”

I practiced live with Margo and attended her zoom classes. She makes classes interesting and explains what each movement is for. Qigong was a great addition to my wellness routine and is just for everyone. It helps me be more focused, energized and makes me feel better throughout the day. I recommend that everyone who is interested in improving their health tries Margo’s classes.

Aga Sydor, Jersey City, NJ


Margo is such a great teacher and so knowledgeable!. I recommend trying her classes to anyone who is interested in just overall wellness and in need of more energy. 😍👏

Anya H., New York City, NY

“I am hooked”

I have never thought I would enjoy Qigong but practicing with Margo has changed that. I am hooked. Qigong classes with Margo have become a regular practice with my other fitness activities. Margo makes them interesting and there is always a theme or goal at each class. This practice calms me when I need it and brings energy when I run low on my Qi. I highly recommend everyone tries it. You won’t regret it. I look forward to seeing more classes /workshops with Margo.

Iza M., New York City, NY

” I love it. thank you”

I took Qigong classes with Margo and absolutely loved it. I have a demanding desk job so i am constantly in my head deplited from my life force energy. Through Qigong- wellness classes with her i was able to get out from my head and go back to feeling energy in my entire body and finally relax. I highly recommend her wellness classes. I love it. thank you

Agnes N., Jersey City, NJ

” help me feel renewed and relaxed”

Margo Gladys Qigong classes offer me a chance for non stressful stimulating movement. Margo is sensitive to my needs and helps tailor the movement for people like me (someone who struggles with rheumatoid arthritis). Margo is energetic yet gentle. Margo’s classes help me feel renewed and relaxed.

Inez B., New York City, NY

” Amazing class this morning!”

Amazing class this morning! It helped me so much with the busy day. Thank you so much Margo. Deeply appreciate!

Aga N., New York City, NY

“The benefits were immediate for me”

I am a beginner not knowing much about Qigong and I find Margo’s teaching style very easy to follow, the instruction and demonstration were fun and handled exceedingly well..The benefits were immediate for me, in that I am sleeping better and no more back pains. I feel more rested and refreshed after finishing the practice than I did when I started. Each week our class was jam packed and yes you will be sweating darlings when you apply yourself 100%. I’d recommend Qigong for anyone recovering from an injury or illness, or the elderly who’d like or need a way to get some light, gentle, no-impact exercise.The beauty is that practitioners can get a range of benefits from developing pulmonary strength from breathing, to energizing oneself. It is a great practice and one you can do with family members and friends with different physical conditions. Quality time in motion, my girlfriends got into it after first class and our Tuesday 6:30PM was a gathering we really looked forward to attend. Sending good vibes your way! Practice, practice, practice!

Marta M., New York City, NY